Treehouse Brewing Company

For those of you who have been following our social media and wondering what all the excitement is about for Treehouse Brewing Company, we would like to fill you in! Firstly, we have two treehouses, both of which were designed by our friend and famous treehouse connoisseur, Pete Nelson. Our first treehouse is our lovely honey-moon suite located just a short walk from The Grand Barn. It features a mini kitchen, small living area, full bathroom, a beautiful private bedroom, and loft. This was designed with many elegant, rustic touches similar to The Grand Barn and has a large rear deck that over looks the Mohican Valley. This treehouse can be viewed under our blog post “cozy honey-moon treehouse suite”, and also on our Facebook page for The Grand Barn.

Our second treehouse was recently completed as part of our future ventures as Treehouse Brewing Company which welds our passions for craft beer and treehouses. This tree house is located on another part of our property. We hope that one day we will be able to brew our beer on-site and to allow beer tasting as an option for events at The Grand Barn.  Additionally, our second tree house represents a design theme of an old 1800’s style Ohio Barn. It’s accessed through a staircase leading up to small platform attached to one tree which then connects to the tree house via a long extension bridge. Previously, this tree house served as a novelty for visitors and is our mascot as it is illustrated on our Treehouse Brewing Co. logo but has been recently renovated and is now a tree house cabin available for overnight stays. This tree house can be viewed on our blog post title “second tree house is complete” and also on our Facebook page as well as at our luxury rental cabin and tree house website at Look for this tree house on the Animal Planet’s TV series, “Treehouse Masters”. Also, look for us on Instagram and Twitter for updates. We frequently post photos of our favorite beers… typically consumed in very inspiring places! @Treehouse_Brewco

THBCContact us at 440-799-3419

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