The Loft

What we have coined as “The Loft” is the second level of The Grand Barn above the kitchen and bathrooms on the main floor. This special area is inspired by hay lofts of traditional country barns, and will feature similar bucolic touches such as hay bales, rustic cabinets made from 100-year-old barn wood, and possibly even a real hoist once used to lift hay into the loft of an old barn. The Loft can be divided to serve as private lounges for the bride and groom.

Each lounge has its own separate entrance. One via the narrow barn style stair case from inside The Grand Barn, and one through the second level deck on the exterior of the building. Arriving at the hallway at the top of the stairs on the inside, there are two bedrooms doors visible and a hallway leading to the door that separates the living room. During a wedding, the two bedrooms will serve as a private lounge for the bride and brides maids with a spacious bathroom and large vanity, elegant decor, and a mini-fridge. Additionally, one of the bedrooms features a massive barn style window which slides open to give the bride a bird’s eye few of her guests in the ballroom.

The grooms lounge is where the kitchen and living area will be. The grooms lounge consists of amenities such as a flat screen TV, liquor and cigar bar, its own bathroom, and a large sliding door to the rear deck. Here are a few photos of the entrances, and we be sure to post more as The Loft is completed!



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